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Scuba Wellness is an aquatic technique that helps people to restore psychophysical balance in a fast, fun and effective way.

It’s important to distinguish Wellness from Fitness. Fitness is relevant to the physical ability to overcome a task, while wellness describes the integrity of body-mind functions, working in optimal condition.

Scuba Wellness is based on scientific research and experiments, and on affective neurosciences background, with an emphasis on bidirectional communication between mind and body. 


“Peripheral physiological reactions can be initiated by the brain that detects features of danger in the environment, and alternately, changes in our peripheral physiological state can feed back information to the brain and alter our perceptions of the world. (Porges, 2009;p.27)”.

Results  obtained underlined how non-competitive recreational diving activity, when stress inducing factors are absent, is effective in improving emotional regulation and reducing stress and anxiety levels, promoting a general state of well-being. With the experience of being submerged, proprioception and ability to stay focused on the present are strengthened. Every body variation, including the breathing function, emerges clearly to the conscious mind.

Furthermore, as a result of autonomous parasympathetic activation, a state of deep relaxation is reached: muscular tensions decrease, heartbeat and breathing slow down and the metabolic consumption of oxygen is reduced, inducing a general state of wellness.

Scuba Wellness courses are addressed at:

–   who aims at reducing stress and/or improving psychological balance and emotional regulation

–   who wishes to learn how to get maximum benefit from every dive

They are recommended also for people with water-related fears and anxiety, and for those who wish to improve control over instincts.

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