We use DE-OX SAFE for your and our safety Seascuba

de-oxFor your and our safety In our 5*Padi dive resort in Puerto de Santiago infront at Playa de la Arena we analiyze our air with DE-OX SAFE

DE-OX® SAFE is able to analyze before diving the carbon monoxide (CO) content in every breathable gas mix, including air, or to be connected to a gas compressor for continuous reading.

Carbon monoxide is a colourless and odourless toxic gas, that could be yielded from engine exhalation or from bad maintained compressor filters. If breathed it bonds with blood haemoglobin affecting the oxygen transport to the body tissues. Carbon Monoxide poisoning is extremely dangerous, could be only treated with immediate medical cares and could even lead to death.

DE-OX® SAFE assures safe diving also with air. It is really easy to use and allow the user to personally check if gas mix or air is carbon monoxide free. Really esDE-OX SAFE smallsential for diving centre for checking the compressor air inlet, and for divers during abroad dive trips.

DE-OX® SAFE is based on a state-of-the-art carbon monoxide electrochemical sensor that does not need any periodical calibration. It is a full digital measurement instrument with visible and audible alarms if carbon monoxide value is over the set values.

DE-OX® SAFE measure is compliant with EN 12021 norm (5-15 ppm CO)

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Per restare sereni e sicuri nel nostro 5* Padi dive resort analizziamo l’aria con DE-OX SAFE


Para seguridad en nuestro centro de buceo5*Padi dive resort in Puerto de Santiago en frente de Playa de la Arena se analiza el aire con DE-OS-SAFE

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